Computertan, the web-based home tanning system powered by LCD rays


Oh dear. Today is a sad day. We have been amused and entertained by a marketing campaign 🙁

The marketing campaign in question is that of ComputerTan, a supposed online tanning system that uses the deadly rays output by your PC monitor to bring a healthy orange glow to your face while you work.

It is, of course, a joke – perpetrated by UK skin cancer charity Skcin and designed to raise awareness of how bad it is to pursue the tanned look. The Times says some…

WHY OH WHY OH WHY would anyone put a Firefox theme on Google Chrome?


Imagine. Imagine you have already achieved all there is to achieve. Done everything. Seen everything. Been everywhere and put your winkie into every possible orifice known to man, and a few only known to the more attractive animal species (I’m looking at you, you sexy zebra).

What’s left? What one task is the very last task a man should do before dying?