Bluetrek Skin Bluetooth earpiece – fashion for heads

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Bluetrek has a new Bluetooth earpiece on the market – knowns as Skin – the first in its ‘Fashion for Heads’ range, apparently aimed at those who want to make a fashion statement with their technology.

The idea, it would seem, is to treat your Bluetooth headset as an accessory, matching it up the way you might match up earrings, a watch or a bag. The Bluetrek Skin is lightweight, slimline and with a layer of black synthetic fabric that gives it a ‘velvet effect’ look. But enough about its looks – we buy these things for a practical use, no matter what the company says. This one offers 12 hours talk time, 17 days standby, a range of 10 metres and has an LED to indicate power levels.

Available at the end of November for around £60.

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Dave Walker
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