Archos 604 portable media player with Wi-Fi


Archos is steadily building a name for itself, adding some interesting features to an ever-growing range of portable media players, including the newly launched Archos 604 WiFi, which, as the name suggests, has wireless capabilities.

What the Wi-Fi adds to the media player is web surfing (using the Opera browser), email, file transfers and accessing content via a network. Future firmware upgrades will feature SHOUTcast Internet radio support, an integrated ARCHOS Podcatcher to automatically capture audio and video podcasts without using a computer, the possibility to download content from popular music and video on-line stores directly to the device and TV viewing.

The player itself features a 30GB hard drive and 4.3-inch colour touch screen LCD, along with an optional DVR Station accessory that turns the 604 WiFi into a portable Digital Video Recorder (DVR). It reads all standard video formats in full DVD resolution, records directly from TV in high-quality MPEG-4 with the DVR Station and works as a photo viewer and music player too.

Expect it in stores from November, with the added functionality promised before Christmas. No price as yet.

Archos website

Dave Walker