WHY OH WHY OH WHY would anyone put a Firefox theme on Google Chrome?

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firefox-skin-for-google-chrome.jpgImagine. Imagine you have already achieved all there is to achieve. Done everything. Seen everything. Been everywhere and put your winkie into every possible orifice known to man, and a few only known to the more attractive animal species (I’m looking at you, you sexy zebra).

What’s left? What one task is the very last task a man should do before dying?

Installing a Firefox skin on Google Chrome. That’s Firefox, the ugliest and plainest browser since Netscape Navigator, in theme form so that Google Chrome, a browser that basically IS Firefox, can look exactly LIKE Firefox. If we were robots, we’d have steam coming out of our ears from trying to work this out.

We have no idea who would do this. We are just very, very glad we are not the person who made it. And who also made the Opera theme. And the Safari theme. Why? Just bloody WHY? What is WRONG with people?

(Via The End of the World )

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Gary Cutlack
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