Computertan, the web-based home tanning system powered by LCD rays


Oh dear. Today is a sad day. We have been amused and entertained by a marketing campaign 🙁

The marketing campaign in question is that of ComputerTan, a supposed online tanning system that uses the deadly rays output by your PC monitor to bring a healthy orange glow to your face while you work.

It is, of course, a joke – perpetrated by UK skin cancer charity Skcin and designed to raise awareness of how bad it is to pursue the tanned look. The Times says some…

Genetically Engineered Beer Could Combat Cancer


I have copied the headline of this post directly from Wired Gadget Lab because it’s the best words I’ve ever read. I haven’t even looked at the rest of the piece but I know I’m going to write about it already. Hang on, let me see what it’s all about…

…yes, as suspected, all very good news. A substance known as resveratrol has been found to extend the lifespans of middle-aged mice and keep their hearts healthy too, and it’s now hoped the same stuff can work its magic on human beings. The trick is, and obviously we’re all very upset by this, that resveratrol is made more potent by putting it in beer…

Philips working on microbubble technology for more targeted cancer treatment


Philips is currently researching into a less invasive procedure for treating patients with cancer and other conditions, using drug-loaded microbubbles.

These bubbles are about the same size as red blood cells, and can be injected into a patient’s bloodstream and then tracked via ultrasound imaging.

Drugs would only be released once they reached the required place – a tumour growth, for example. Not only might this increase the effectiveness of the drug, but cut down on unpleasant side-effects…