Epson shows off new EB-8 Series desktop projector range

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Epson has decided that it’s time to produce some more “projectors that work well from a table top” and to that end has introduced the EB-8 Series.

Aimed primarily at the educational and business markets, the series offers up to WXGA resolution, a colour light output (Epson’s new measurement system that for the moment makes it impossible to compare this to any other manufacturers’ models) of up to 3,000 lumens from a 200W lamp, white light output (brightness) also up to 3,000 lumens, optional wireless functionality, and the ability to be used with Epson’s new Document Camera (basically enabling you to present things via USB without the need for a computer or laptop).

The full specs for each of the five models are far to boring to show here, suffice it to say that you can go for the entry level XGA resolution EB-84, or any one of the increasingly advanced EB-85, EB-824, EB-825, or WXGA resolution EB-826W.

Like them? Maybe you can suggest it to your headteacher or boss when your school or business opens sometime later this week. You could show off your snow photos on it.

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