TokyoFlash reveals latest wristwatch creation: Kisai Keisan



It’s been a while since we’ve marvelled over TokyoFlash’s wristwatches, but the Japanese company has returned with its latest creation — the Kisai Keisan.

The watch combines a raised convex bubble lens with precision-engineered optical technology which diffuses the LEDs for a bright, magnified lighting effect. At least, that’s what TokyoFlash says.

It’s constructed from high grade aluminium and comes in black with red or green LEDs, or silver with orange or yellow LEDs.

Working out the time or date isn’t too complicated. You simply add up the digits in each of the four columns to get either the hours and minutes or the month and day.


After the user presses the button to display the time, the watch’s LEDs run through a range of special effects each minute for the next 12 minutes. Totally impractical, but fun nonetheless.

The watch costs around £172 and is available here.

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