Sony surveys fans on PSP2 features

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psp2-concept.jpgSony has been roundly beaten in the handheld and the… er… non-handheld markets by Nintendo (seriously, we need a better name for full size consoles than that – suggestions in the comments). What’s the best way for them to fight back? That’s the question that Sony is asking its fans, with a survey floating several new feature ideas for the PSP2 and asking people to rank them.

Some of the new features include GPS, bluetooth, internal storage, touchscreen, a content download service and a social network including home support. Personally speaking, I’d rate GPS and social network features high, if only to compete with the growing influence of mobile phones on the gaming-on-the-go market. Adding in Skype features could just make the fightback possible.

(via Kotaku)

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Duncan Geere
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  • Where does that survey of SONY goes on? Any direct link?
    I am onto old design + 2nd analog stick on right side + better & higher resolution OLED screen + new SSD storage format for games against UMD (it rotates and consumes the battery quickly)+ better battery life and maybe internal GPS. Optional add ons can be keyboard, GSM, camera
    -No sliding/retractable screen, keys etc. rubbish design that would get damaged in a few falldowns.
    Let the thing be reliable and durable (as it is) other than being fancy. Let it be a solid single piece design that will survive several years of hard usage.

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