Nine Inch Nails release 400GB of raw, unedited concert footage for fans to make their own DVD

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nine-inch-nails-live.jpgIf you’re a NIN fan, then you’ve just been handed a massive, if a little belated, Christmas present. Trent Reznor, known for his liberal approach to his intellectual property, has released 400GB of raw, unedited HD video footage shot at three recent shows in Victoria, Portland and Sacremento.

The aim is for fans to make their own concert videos, though for most fans, having to deal with 400GB of HD streaming video will be a little too much – it’s not like you can just chuck it in Windows Movie Maker. Instead, a group of fans who were already planning to release a fan-made film of the show, have decided to integrate the footage into their project, and you can sign up for a free DVD of their work when it’s complete.

Although I’m not much of a fan of NIN’s music, I’m a huge fan of the way he approaches the music business. Releasing all his work for free on his Bittorrent tracker will mean a far closer relationship with the people who were going to get the stuff free anyway. It means he can get them to buy merchandise, and to go to gigs, far more easily. Great for fans, and great for NIN.

NIN forum with links to the video (via CMU Daily)

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