New developments in the Tetris world – now it helps reduce mental trauma

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tetris-relieves-stress-symptoms.jpgTetris. Always with the bloody Tetris. We’ve had Tetris ice cubes, Tetris chocolate, another kind of Tetris ice cubes, Tetris watches, Tetris furniture and even Tetris MADE REAL – now it’s time for life-affirming Tetris making people better news.

Basically, some doctors have been using the timeless obsessive/compulsive block-tidying puzzle game to relieve the symptoms of stress sufferers. They found that playing Tetris 30 minutes after being exposed to harrowing imagery interrupts the brain’s formation of memories, meaning you’re less likely to suffer flashbacks to whatever horror porn the doctors were showing you – which could one day be used to reduce post-traumatic stress suffered by real people.

It’s hardly news to us that concentrating really hard on one thing makes you forget about other things, though. It’s actually extremely obvious. I was concentrating on writing this so much I forgot about the tea I made, for example. They must be student doctors. A bit wet under the collar.

(Via BBC)

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