Tetris comes to an exciting new format – ice cubes

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icetris_tetris_ice_cubes.jpgIcetris is one of those ideas. One of those ideas you look at and think “Gosh, what a clever idea!” and possibly even wish you’d thought of it yourself.

You then also wish you had the Photoshop/Illustrator skills to knock together a concept image of your amazing idea, because you could then put it on your web site and have other people look at it and think “Gosh, what a clever idea. Isn’t that man clever?”

The only problem is – someone’s had this idea before. So who had the idea first? Has there been some idea-thievery going on? Or is Tetris ice cubes just one of those ideas that everyone has, then assumes it’s so great and original that no one else could’ve possibly thought of it before?

(Via GearFuse)

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Gary Cutlack
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