Iomega announces two new eGo portable hard drives

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That beast up there is the eGo Black Belt. It’s one of two new portable hard drives launched today by Iomega, makers of the defunct Zip drive. It has “Drop Guard Xtreme” data protection, so that you can chuck it as far as seven feet without losing your collection of ‘home videos’. It has a 250GB capacity.

The other model released today is the eGo Encrypt. This features the same drop protection, as well as 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), so that those aforementioned videos are protected from prying eyes. When you connect it to a computer, it prompts for a password before you can access it. It has a slightly larger capacity of 320GB.

Both devices are USB-powered, so you won’t need an AC adaptor. 2GB of online backup space is included when you buy one. The Black Belt costs £80, and the Encrypt probably costs a few bob more, but isn’t on the Iomega website yet. Look for it to arrive in the next couple of days.

Iomega eGo Black Belt (via Electronista)

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