Waterproof you mobile for $120 – Golden Shellback splash-proof coatings

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You may or may not have witnessed the miracle that is Golden Shellback’s magical waterproof coating. If you haven’t, then witness it below.

Witnessed? Good. Well, the wonderful news is that the service is now officially available for the typical cost as outlined after the jump.

Blackberry Pearl – $120.00 per unit coated

Apple IPod Shuffle – $60.00 per unit coated

Apple IPod Touch – $120.00 per unit coated

Lansing IPod Speaker Orbit M – $60.00 per unit coated

Garmin GPS etrex – $75.00 per unit coated

West Marine Vhf 55 Radio – $120.00 per unit coated

Speakers (no enclosures) up to 8 inches in diameter – $100 each $180 pair.

Now, that’s a fair amount of money and it does involve sending Golden Showerback your gadget for an alarmingly unspecified time until they coat it for you. The other alarming realisation is when you read the terms and conditions and see that your waterproofed item is only guaranteed to be waterproofed for 30 days.

Now 1) that’s rubbish for the amount of money you’re paying and 2) it starts to make me think, “What do I want my phone to be waterproof for?” If the answer to that is, “in case I drop it in my gin and tonic,” then 30 days isn’t a very long period of accident cover, now is it?

I may well submerge my expensive handset in my expensive drink at some point in my expensive life but the chance of that happening within a month of getting the thing protected is pretty remote.

I should imagine that the waterproofing performs a lot better than their semi-paranoid legal protection suggests but it’s still a lot to spend for the effect to run out and destroy your hardware mid swim.

Golden Shellback (via Mark’s Tech Blog)

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  • im curious, he said it was non conductive, and coats the entire device, wat about charging? am i missing something here?

  • Phone insurance is usually a fiver a month. $120 is about £80, so you could insure yourself for 16 months for the same price as waterproofing it for 30 days, oh, and you don’t have to send it to the states, either 🙂

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