d3o double hard protective fabric – turns you into Spiderman


The d3o technology has been around for over a year now but I’ve never seen it before and I’ll bet a lot of you won’t have either. So, for those who have read about this incredible protective material, just enjoy the footage of a man being hit over the head with a shovel again.

d3o is a specially engineered intelligent material that’s soft and pliable like putty under normal conditions but when under physical stress it becomes solid and highly shock absorbent; so shock absorbent, in fact, that you can do things like this…

The d3o molecules are able to flow under normal conditions but actually bond and mesh together when they toughen up forming a very thin but incredibly effective protective layer.


The material has largely been used in clothing to protect those damned crazy adrenalin junkie types but it was the more TD uses that sparked my imgination – not least of all in its use in gadget protectors such as for your iPhone over on the Tech 21 website.

Of course, making a suit out of the stuff would be rather fun as well. According to Richard Palmer of d30:

“You don’t feel like RoboCop; you feel like Spider Man. You feel confident, but you don’t feel invincible.”

Aside the obvious benefits of access to Mary Jane Watson, I like the idea of the utter confidence with which I would walk about on a Saturday night in Hartlepool town centre and other such UK culture spots. “Did I spill your pint? Yes, absolutely and all your mates’. Oh, and yes, I am looking at your girlfriend.”

d30 (via Wired)

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Daniel Sung
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