FANTASY GADGETS MADE REAL: Scientists prepare cloaking devices for consumers

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cloaking-device-developed.jpgA fully cloaked shirt? A fully cloaked pair of trousers? A fully cloaked balaclava and glove set so even your head and hands remain invisible?

That’s the dream hunting (I MEAN STALKING) scenario about to be made real, thanks to two teams at the University of California that are both getting close to making invisible fabrics. Team A has developed a material that uses a “fishnet of metal layers” to reverse light, while Team B’s uses minuscule wires to carry light around whatever it is you’re hiding.

Both materials operate in a similar way, by bending light from one side of an object to the other – an idea they got off Star Trek. What’s so clever about taking 40 years to copy something off Star Trek, you lazy science nerds?

(Via Daily Mail)

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Gary Cutlack
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