The Leica S2 waterproof professional DSLR. New entry at #1 on our Fantasy Next New Camera Chart


It has what Leica calls a “middle format sensor” that contains a spec-sheet-topping 37.5 megapixel CCD that is 56% larger than traditional full-frame 35mm SLRs. If you understand that sort of thing and are now nodding and licking your beard with enthusiasm, the Leica S2 is the camera for you.

If you have recently signed a new contract earning you £65,000 a week even if you’re not playing due to injury, it is also the camera for you, as we’d imagine a new SLR from Leica is going to cost quite a bit. It certainly looks expensive.


It has a 3″ high-resolution LCD round the back, featuring a 460,000 pixel display so your previews look good, works at “twice the speed of comparable medium-format backs” thanks to its new Maestro image processing system and Leica is also producing a new “S-System” collection of custom lenses to accompany it. It is no mere camera – it is an entire imaging ecosystem.

The Leica S2 has now topped our Fantasy Next New Camera Chart, knocking that hot Olympus concept down into second place and moving the Lumix G1 down one place to third.

(Via Leica)

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