Nokia unveils E63 "messaging device"

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Nokia-E63.jpgHere’s the E63 – another QWERTY candybar from Nokia to join the E71. It’s designed as a slightly more mass-market version of the E71, but still keeps the business features that made that handset so popular. Nokia’s aim with this is to appeal to consumers who want to do work on their phone, but also access their personal stuff too.

The E63 keeps the Wi-Fi, exchange mail, and single-key access to contacts, your calendar and email, but it also adds an ability to switch modes from a po-faced ‘professional’ view, with your work email, appointments, and intranet data, to a ‘personal’ view that has pictures of your cats, personal email, and shortcuts to favourite blogs.

Nokia-E63-blue.jpgThe handset comes with 1GB of remote storage from Ovi, as well as – yay! – a 3.5″ headphone jack. The pictures look like it’s running S60, so there’ll be a wide range of apps available for the device. It’ll come in red and blue (red pictured above, blue pictured left) and it will cost around €200 (£165 or so) before messy things like contracts get involved.

Nokia E63

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