Nimbuzz mobile IM/VoIP client makes it to the iPhone

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nimbuzz-iphone-instant-messaging.pngGood news for iPhone users who have been waiting to use the Nimbuzz mobile instant messaging and VoIP client — it’s finally available to download for free.

It offers free voice calling over a Wi-Fi connection to users on Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk, among others, as well as instant messaging to a whole host of other services.

New features include the ability to chat in landscape mode – the advantage of this being that you get to use the wider virtual keyboard that’s a bit easier to type on – plus support for regional social networks, personal messaging, and information about who is online and where they are.

The usual drawback about third-party applications not currently working in the background applies, meaning it’s going to be tough to receive calls and messages without having the application open all the time, but hopefully one day Apple will fix that with its “push” services.

If that sounds like something you want, go and grab it from the iTunes Store: Nimbuzz


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One thought on “Nimbuzz mobile IM/VoIP client makes it to the iPhone

  • Just got it.. took less than a minute to download.

    Set up my account and made a call all in less than 5 min.

    It is still green but I see updates in the works and this app will see great success.


    iPhone is in it’s infancy… No other competitor is going to come close to what Apple is doing in the mobile arena. NONE!!!! These COCKY corps LAUGHED AND POO POOED Apple just like they laughed @ iPod in 2001….. Well I say !@#$ EM!

    Blackberry Storm…… Yeah OK! Good luck with that…

    Name One (1) ONE! VoiP for Storm Name ONE! Oh I just remembered The Storm does NOT HAVE WiFi!!!

    WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

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