Nimbuzz – the new big fish in the instant messenger/VoIP pond


Nimbuzz-logo.jpgI can’t keep track of how many of my colleagues and friends use which instant messenger programs and when, and I’m sick of having all those damn applications on my desktop, let alone open all at once.

I’d decided to make my stand as a Skype guy and ignore all my MSN messenger loser mates but a new application’s in town and it’s here to solve our problems by aggregating all of the IM services into one. Say hello to Nimbuzz.

The design and PC functionality is identical to Skype, only orange instead of blue, but the major developments – aggregation aside – come in its mobile use and the ever-popular social networking angle.

You can put a Nimbuzz widget on your Facebook or Myspace page or your blog so that people can call or message you from there but more interesting for me is that Nimbuzz Mobile allows you to chat or use VoIP from 92 Series 60 mobiles – including Nokia, Samsung, LG handsets – via WiFi and 3G and only for the cost of your mobile provider’s data service.

Now that may sound like a serious wedge but with the likes of Vodafone et al now offering flat rate data packages, it becomes unlimited talk time from your mobile to anyone else with Nimbuzz. The only drawback being the fair usage policy of your mobile tariff.

Nimbuzz is only in beta at the moment and as yet you only seem to be able to aggregate Google Talk and Jabber but I’m assured that the full gambit of Skype, AOL Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Instant Messenger will be available soon.

Until then, I’ll stick with Skype but I’ll be looking back to Nimbuzz with great interest around about the time I screw my mobile provider for all the data they’re worth.


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