Samsung develops foldable mobile phone with big OLED screen

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samsung-oled-flexible-mobile-phone-concept.jpgSamsung has been playing around with flexible displays for several years, as has Sony, but now Samsung has developed a working prototype of a mobile phone which uses a foldable OLED screen to enable a much larger display to be fitted into a handheld device.

Take a look at the device when it’s closed and it looks like a fairly standard handset with a general-purpose display on the front. Unfold it (as shown in the video below) and you have access to a much larger screen for playing movies and games.

The advantage of using flexible material is that you end up with a seamless display rather than two separate ones. I could see this being expanded to create even larger displays that can be folded away into a sensibly-sized mobile phone handset, or perhaps built in to other portable devices such as netbooks and DVD players.

As this is just a concept, shown off at the FPD International show in Japan, there’s no word on availability of real products. Do expect the Japanese to get hold of it first, and don’t expect it to be cheap.

PS Yes, this video is jumpy and poorly shot, but we love trade show videos like this, don’t we?

(Via Engadget)

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