New SSD modules to give Eee PCs eight times more storage

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The sight of black chips on green printed circuit boards is normally as lovely to my eyes as watching the sunset across the ocean, but this image brings a particularly warm glow to my heart.

These are the new SSD modules, from Green-House, specially designed for the Eee PC. So, if you’re sick of your 4GB and 8GB options – which I’m sure you are – then how about splashing out on the 32GB GH-SSD32GEP-M or the 64GB GH-SSD64GEP-M?

They read and write at 35MB/s and 15MB/s and will probably cost 115€ and 235€ when they come out. I’ll save them the embarrassment of working out what percentage that is of the total cost of an Eee PC and us the embarrassment of the currency conversion.

(via Akihabara News)

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