Toshiba makes small thing bigger on the inside – 250GB SSD on the way this year

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toshiba-250gb-18-hd.jpgToshiba’s bulking up its solid-state drive range and boosting the capacity of its 2.5″ model – so the cheap netbooks of the world can come with more storage space without straining their little batteries too much.

The new 256GB solid-state drive will “roll out” of the Tosh factory in the fourth quarter of 2008, ideal for those exciting Christmas presents containing ultra-portable mini PCs. With a read speed of 120MBps and a write speed of 70MBps thanks to its 3.0-Gbps SATA connection, the 256GB monster will stand atop of the Toshiba HD portfolio, with the maker also churning out new NAND flash drives in 8, 16 and 32GB chunks for the tinier end of the netbook spectrum.

I can only apologise for using the words “portfolio” and “spectrum” in the same paragraph. It’s hard thinking of collective words to describe groups of hard drives.

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