Buffalo intros world's first solid state NAS drive: quiet storage at a price


We’re gradually moving to a world where devices that used to have hard drives in them are now sporting solid-state drives instead, but it’s still quite a hit on the wallet.

Take Buffalo’s latest device which it claims is a world first — a solid state Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that can be used to store all your multimedia files, is compact, reliable, has low power consumption, and is extremely quiet…

Samsung announces 64GB SSD H-Series HD camcorder, and some others too


Not to be outdone by Canon, Samsung has also released info about a range of new camcorders that it’ll be bringing to market later in the year. They all come under the banner of H-Series, which seems to mean nothing except that their meaningless product numbers all begin with H.

In full, there’s the HMX-H106, HMX-H105, HMX-H104, and HMX-H100. They’ve got HD sensors, and lenses from Schneider Kreuznach that have a 10X zoom and “Optical Image Stabilisation”. One of the models in particular – the top-of-the-line HMX-H106 – comes with a 64GB SSD, which I believe is the first camcorder with a drive that big.

Toshiba makes small thing bigger on the inside – 250GB SSD on the way this year


Toshiba’s bulking up its solid-state drive range and boosting the capacity of its 2.5″ model – so the cheap little netbooks of the world can come with more storage space without straining their little batteries too much.

The new 256GB solid-state drive will “roll out” of the Tosh factory in the fourth quarter of 2008, ideal for those exciting Christmas presents containing ultra-portable mini PCs. With a read speed of 120MBps and a write speed of 70MBps thanks to its 3.0-Gbps SATA connection…