Buffalo intros world's first solid state NAS drive: quiet storage at a price


buffalo-linkstation-mini-ssd.jpgWe’re gradually moving to a world where devices that used to have hard drives in them are now sporting solid-state drives instead, but it’s still quite a hit on the wallet.

Take Buffalo’s latest device which it claims is a world first — a solid state Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that can be used to store all your multimedia files, is compact, reliable, has low power consumption, and is extremely quiet.

The LinkStation Mini SSD is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (should you want to be carrying round a 240GB drive) and is both fan-less and motor-less.

It sports twin 120GB drives, features a DNLA media server that can be used for media streaming, is compatible with iTunes and a variety of Apple technology, offers direct copy from USB devices, and can also be used as a backup device.

Now, the pinch. If you want one of these, it will currently set you back around £740. That’s a considerable amount of cash when you could get hard drive storage four times the capacity for under £100.

Eventually the price of solid state storage is bound to come down, but for now it’s an expensive path.

Available now.

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