Buffalo intros world's first solid state NAS drive: quiet storage at a price


We’re gradually moving to a world where devices that used to have hard drives in them are now sporting solid-state drives instead, but it’s still quite a hit on the wallet.

Take Buffalo’s latest device which it claims is a world first — a solid state Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that can be used to store all your multimedia files, is compact, reliable, has low power consumption, and is extremely quiet…

Buffalo launches BitTorrent-friendly LinkStation Quad: up to 4TB of storage


Buffalo has really pushed the boat out with its latest high capacity hard drive. The LinkStation Quad can store up to four terabytes of data, be that multimedia, backup, or other data, and allows web access to those files plus media streaming to an iPhone.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a built-in BitTorrent client which allows files to be downloaded directly to the device, after configuring from a PC control panel, without the need for other computers to remain powered up. How quickly can you fill up four terabytes?…

Buffalo updates MiniStation TurboUSB drive, makes it Mac friendly


Buffalo’s MiniStation TurboUSB hard drive, launched back in February, has had a bit of a makeover to make it more friendly to Mac users.

In truth, it’s always been usable with OS X, but now the casing has turned a shade of white, which possibly makes it more attractive to Apple-ites.

Four capacities — 160GB, 250GB, 320GB and 500GB — and fully compatible with OS X’s Time Machine, or indeed any other software backup solution you might happen to use…

Buffalo announces super-thin NanoStation 60GB portable hard drive


Buffalo has announced its first 1.8-inch portable hard drive. The NanoStation HD-PT60U2 is the same size as three stacked credit cards (6mm thin),weighs 56 grams, and has a 60GB capacity.

It features easy-to-use backup and synchronisation software, as well as mobile applications including Firefox and Thunderbird. Buffalo’s SecureLockMobile software should prevent unauthorised data access if the drive goes walkabout…

Buffalo's new DriveStation USB hard drives with Power Saving mode


Buffalo has announced the launch of five new external USB hard drives featuring a Power Saving Utility that will put the device into “sleep mode” when not in use, saving 75% of energy. That, coupled with TurboUSB software that speeds data transfer rates, makes these drives ideal for data backup.

The drives also feature Secure Lock Ware Encryption software for Windows that aids in securing files stored on the disc…