USB Negative Scanner – reliving the past on your PC

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usb-negative-scanner.jpgThere’s a fair few negative scanners around on the market, but Firebox reckons its new model is the mutt’s nuts, saying it’s “smaller, faster, better”. I bought a different model for my Dad a year or so ago, and although it was good, it was a little temperamental, and didn’t come equipped with drivers for older PCs.

This new model promises complete ease of use. Plug it into USB, load the included software, slide your negative into the device via the included holder, and voila! Grainy photos of your gran looking rather young and strangely attractive on screen.

For a mum or dad who loves fiddling with things and owns a vast stack of old slides and negatives, it’s a great present, and not bank-breaking at £80. Available now.

If your parents aren’t too tech-savvy though, then you might want to just take them down to the local photo shop and ask them to do it for you. Unless you have thousands, the price difference shouldn’t be too vast.

USB Negative Scanner

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  • Nice product summary, they really are a decent bit of kit for the money. Provided you have a large number of slides / negatives to scan (over 100) then they are a lot more cost effective than taking them to a professional to do on your behalf.

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