Save your old 35mm film negatives with IWOOT's digital film scanner


It’s a sad state of affairs when you open all your office draws, looking for a USB stick, and all you can find are old film negative cannisters. Anyone born before 1990 is guilty of this (and a whole lot more), I’m sure.

I Want One Of Those has just added a new wondrous gadget to their virtual shelves, the digital film scanner. Convert those old 35mm negatives and mounted slides into digital images, by copying them with its 5.0-megapixel SMOS sensor, and saving them in either .jpeg or .Tiff files. With bundled software that helps you edit, crop and re-size those ancient snaps, you’ll be revisiting past memories in no time.

And Photoshopping that awful perm out shortly after that.

I Want One Of Those’s digital film scanner

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Katherine Hannaford
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