Self Balancing Unicycle – no clown skills required

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The only thing ridiculous about unicycling is having to constantly pedal backwards and forwards to keep yourself on the thing. So how about a unicycle where you don’t have to pedal at all? Ladies and gentlemen, meet the self-balancing unicycle from Focus Designs or SBU for short.

Apparently you steer it by leaning left or right, much the same way as a normal unicycle, not that I’ve ever managed to stay on one for more than a clutch of picoseconds to confirm that. Other than that, you just pootle along at 8mph courtesy of the same kind of gyroscopes you find in the ever-popular, and sadly UK-unroadworthy, Segway.

You get about one and a half hours out of a single charge and, with the aid of my poxy Windows calculator, I can tell you that works out as around 12 miles. I didn’t use the calculator in the end – honest.

If you’re not impressed. Just watch the video.

How about now?

Well, I am.

Believe it or not, these things are actually going to hit the shelves next month with an incredibly limited edition of 10 for a paltry $1,500 each. Yeah, I might just grab three for myself.

(via Slippery Brick)

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