Electric bicycle chain – a chain of electric bicyles


This is completely silly. What you’re looking at is a chain of electric bikes that can be ridden individually or connected together in as long a trail as you can handle before a banana boat/shopping trolley effect kicks in, i.e. not very long.

On their own, they’re actually pretty swish. They look good, they’re neat and compact. Have a look for yourself…


…see? But together…


…very silly. It’s all very well with 2-D people but exactly where are you supposed to rest your feet? Do those little grey bits pop out? And forget about trying to steer that thing on the tiny front wheel. Even with two bikes together the turning moment will probably topple you.

Jiang Qian’s design looks like fun but in practice, I’m not too sure.

Coroflot (via Core 77)

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