The LG KP500 is now the LG "Cookie" and wuvs you very much

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lg_KP500_touchscreen_mobile_phone.jpgThe LG KP500 is getting described everywhere as “affordable”, which is one of the best examples that I’ve ever heard of damning with faint praise. A few more details have been issued about the handset, the most interesting of which is that it’s now called “Cookie”, which seems a bit like calling a phone “Schnookums” or “Bunnikins”.

The “Sweetiepie” has no 3G or GPS, but it does have a 3″ touchscreen display, 3-megapixel camera, accelerometer, Bluetooth and an FM radio. The “Babycakes” will record video, but only at 12fps at 320×240 resolution – not great. It won’t play back anything more than 240×400 and 24fps either.

So what does it do? Well, most notably, it only costs €170 (£130 or so). That means that you should be able to get the “Sugarplum” for free on a relatively cheap contract, or even for not very much on Pay as you Go. Like I said, affordable.

LG Mobile (via BGR)

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  • I am such a big fan of this phone. The ideas behind this phone has worked out so good. There is so much that you can do with it. accutane lawsuits

  • Hey,

    I have an LGKP500

    Recenty, I tried to sync music to the phone using the music sync mode; it worked for a while, until media player decided to show error messages. Now, when I try to use the music sync mode, the screen on the phone freezes and the only way to fix it is by removing the battery, putting it back in, and then switching it on again.

    It works fine on Mass Storage; but the music player in the phone doesn’t register any of the tracks stored in the phone via using that mode.

    Can anyone tell me why it is doing this? And how I can fix it?

    I have media player version 11 on my Compaq Presario Laptop. If that makes any difference =/

  • The wonderful world of the LG Cookie, my expectations and patience has been tested to the limit!!! A more annoying and profoundly irratating mobile device could not have been put together by any other company! Again LG have exceeded themselves at producing another poorly assembled piece of kit we pay our hard earned cash for. Is this a corporate joke? see how many people they can get to buy a mobile device of pure failures and glitches?? Updates and replacements become the vein of your life when buying this! Avoid this rancid pap at all cost as the pain and irratation it causes I can only compare to having severe bowl movements and no toilet paper! – Keep away from this dreadful piece of bottom dribble by LG

  • im thinking of getting this phone but everyone says it crashes alot…. is this true?

  • hey guys

    i have a strange fault with this phone, which i have had for maybe a year now and has been perfect, maybe i was lucky though!

    the fault has developed in the last weeks, where there seems to be a display problem, the screen is black but still interactive, meaning that i cant see what im doing but if i hold the correct part of the screen then i can see it unlocks because the 3 buttons light up. however, it is obviously still useless like this. sometimes the screen works and sometimes it doesnt, there doesnt seem to be any pattern. the back lighting for the screen works, the interaction is live but there is no display.

    has anybody else come across this? it sounds like more of a hardware problem to me than software but i havnt damaged the phone at all and is perhaps a wear problem?



  • If you have the problem with not being able to send text messages even though you can press the send button (I had the same problem), turn the phone off, take out the battery and sim card, wipe the back of your sim card and put it all back in again. Turn the phone on and when you get the LG screen, press and hold the on button until you get the pin number screen/home screen. It should work then, it did for me.

  • My LG cookie (from Orange) receives the same text multiple times (for example it will say 4 new messages and all 4 will be the same). Anyone else having this problem? I believe Orange has listed this as a Level 2 fault (whatever that means) and are in discussion with LG but apparently this problem is not uncommon and has been unsolvable for the last 3 months at least. However, Orange refuse to replace the phone as they believe it is not their duty. Have been quoting all the usual legal jargon to them about the supply of goods and services act and that the phone should be fit for purpose and last a reasonable duration – which it isn’t. If anyone else is with Orange and having this problem let me know and I’m sure collectively we can get a replacement phone that actually works.

  • @Katy – mine has just started doing this – I am on Vodafone

    Did you find an answer?

  • I have the Cookie and everything works fine on the phone apart from sending and receiving texts… if someone sends me a text over 1 sms page long i either dont receive the message at all, or receieve the first half but not the second half for a few days… people also regularly dont receive my texts!
    Is this a problem with the handset or the network? Anyone else had anything similar and managed to fix it?
    Help would be much appreciated!!! xxx

  • I have had this phone for a while now and i have to admit that its an amazing phone, very fun and easy to use. But I turned of my vibration settings and now when i want the vibration back it doesn’t work anymore, does anyone know how to fix this?? Ive tried everything and it just wont work!

  • I got this phone for chrismas. Every time I plug it into the computer it recognises it but it doesnt sync, transfer music or anything. If anyone knows how to fix it, would you help?

  • Wow ive been reading some of these problems, and ive had a few of them myself, but i had a waranty on my cookie (£5 a month) and LG repaired it within a few days, and i even got a replacement phone whilst mine was away!

    I would reccomend this phone, its never had problems for me

  • I bought this phone in Italy while travelling. It never worked!! I sent it back to Vodaphone and they returned it without even opening the package. I want to send it back to the manufacturer but can’t find the address anywhere. LG in the US can’t give me an answer. I bought a 130 Euro paperweight. Does anyone know where to send this thing back?

  • i brought this phone on 8th march i had to have a replacement in 6days as it kept turning off its now 12 April and im just about to take my replacement back as its doing the same so its bye bye cookie im gonna get a different phone so sad as i love this phone

    • MY Lg cookie keeps turning off all the time for no apparent reason. Find this quite annoying as this happens most nows roughly 10 times !

      Wouldnt recommend because of this?!

  • MY STUPID USB FOR MY PHONE IS MAKING MY LG COOKIE CRASH!I keep having to take the battery out because it keeps freezing, and I got so mad, that i threw the stupid phone on the floor, and it practically fell apart. I’M SO ANNOYED!!!!!

  • this phone is completely crap. dont waste your money. mines broke after two months. what a rip off

  • ive had the phone for a year, it is very slow and it keeps turning on and off.

    but can anyone help me, i dont know how to put music on my phone, and is there a qwerty phone for under £100???

  • my LG500’s battery will not hold a charge n the fone gets hot while charging, bought a brand new battery and still same thing is happening.

  • Lgcookie is goood phone but sort of annoying…i press format in eternal memory and all my pictures and music disappeared. anyone know how to get it back or where it is? please help.

  • i got it for £50 nd £10 top up so £60 its betta to get da new version lyk me and i got it 4rm Carphone warehse

  • Worst phone we’ve ever suffered and worst support ever given by carphonewarehouse.
    Due to poor design, the phone is prone to the charger/data cable connector breaking the internal tracks on the board, which LG won’t support under warranty as they class it as user caused, carephone warehouse actually lifted the pins of the connector away, rendering it almost impossible to repair, then have the cheek to class it as beyond economical repair.
    I bought another one for the board, same fault…
    search the net, there are many with this fault – LG should address this and stop ripping people off.
    Avoid this pile of junk, may be a good price, pretty and nice features, but in our case only any good for under 3 months..

  • yea i have the same problem as above however it just wnt let me send a text! any solutions?

    • Lisa : I had the same problem with my Cookie. I had to call up my provider (Virgin mobile) and they guided me through changing some settings on the phone which solved the txting problem.
      However, I’m seriously considering sending back my phone as the battery life is abysmal.

  • i have a lg cookie phone but it will not let me send a txt or call from the phone and i have even reset the setting any help wud be appritaited thanks

  • i really need help with this :S i a on a contract phone paying #18 a month for 500 texts, 150 mins and free internet access from virgin mobile… but when i got to log onto the internet i wait 1-2 mins and then i get a message saying connection failed … it then restarts itself… i was wondering if this is a problem with the network or the phone please reply soon thankx!!! 🙂

  • having similar problems, not always being able to get camera on, as there is an apparent ‘CONFLICT WITH GALLERY’. on the odd occasion it did work, you alter all your settings, but when you open camera up again, the settings have reset 🙁

    • all you have to do is press the middle button (not on the touchpad) this will either bring up and menu that says favorite apps at the top or running apps at the top… if you have the favorite apps tap the press the purple arrow next to the heading. then press end all. if it comes up with running apps then just press end all… hope this helps 🙂

  • am haveing problem with my phone because of the usb port not connecting and my cd gets damage can any one out thear can help me

  • hi can someone help me with the internet and email settings so they can work? im having such a hard time getting them for the lg cookie kp500. i looked everywhere

  • hi i just got the lg cookie and i love it but i need the settings for the internet and the email. they wont work, can anyone help me? my sim company says they cant help because they didnt make the phone

  • Hello, i’ve got my LG cookie for over a month now and it has worked excellent, the only problemm im having is that it doesnt connect to my compoter, every time y try to download something it gives me several erros… I dont know what to do? keep me posted! tnx

    • what you want to do is go to the menu then to the little picture of a cog (settings tab) then press connectivity…
      then press the USB connection mode option. then press the mass storearge option and bobs your uncle should work 🙂 hope i helped

  • Hello ppl. Im ganesh and im thinkin of buyin this cookie. Ive heard its got loads of bugs. Can someone please confirm that. Is it a good phone? im confused. please reply as soon as possible.

  • I’ve had my cookie now for about 8/9 months and had no major problems with it til now… died last night and when i went to charge it….it wouldn’t go past the lg logo screen. Its stayed there ever since. I’ve tried taking the battery out and even tried a different one!!! Still nothing. I’ve tried to download the drivers and software things on the lg website as suggested by O2 but no luck. it just says that my phone isn’t connected and to check the usb cable is plugged in…..anyone have any ideas???

  • lastnight i download ebuddy and mig33 on my kp500
    but it doesnt work
    it keep asking for network access option
    i had try all of the option but still doesnt work
    helo me out…

  • lastnight i download ebuddy and mig33 on my kp500
    but it doesnt work
    it keep asking for network access option
    i had try all of the option but still doesnt work
    helo me out…

  • I had my cookie a week and a half and it was fine untill i got a text message and went to read it and the screen was black with white spidery lines on it and now it wont work. I got it from the O2 shop and after going in there quite a few times and talkiing to the manager who was completely unhelpful they sant if off for repair and were going to charge me £68 for it to be fixed saying i must have broke it! O2 were completely unhelpful so were LG who told me I could write to head office if i wanted something done. My friend had the exact same thing happen twice and O2 replaced it both times, so im annoyed they are giving me such hassle about it.
    I wondered if anyone else has had the same problem at all?

  • can someone please tell me how you erase outbox messages that WILL NOT send? No one will help me and LG support is horrible. Can’t get any assistance bc i am not in UK

  • i got the phone 1 month ago but its soo crap!!! the next day it kept turning itself off all the time and the not wanting to turn back of and because i have left it so long phones4u wont let me exchange it for a new one :S i spent £100 plus £20 on top up the phise is rubbish and so are phones4u DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!!!!!!

  • i bought mine 6 months ago and all it ever does is crash and turn off tbh i think its absolutely poo n if you wanna buy it id suggest not….. tomorrow im takin it back becoz its doing my head in and i thought it was just the phone but by the look of it it turns out its a design fault because every lg cookie seems to be doing it. i really like the phone and id love to have it again but im going to change it to another type of touch screen….. maybe a tocco lite i dunno……

  • the LG Cookie is the worst phone i’ve had
    tonnes of prolems with it since i’ve bought it, battery life is abysmal, won’t delete files from my memory card but doesn’t bother to give me a reason, LG app for PC is slow and crappy full of Engrish, for a big company LG doesn’t half skimp out on their products =/

    last LG product that i ever buy, I’m sticking with Sony Ericsson

  • My son was recently in the UK and bought a LG Cookie. With him only being 16, he did not know (or asked) that the phone will not work in Namibia, Africa on our networks. Can somebody please help me to find out how to unlock the network? The cellphone companies in Namibia cannot assist.


  • hey, i love my lg cookie, but i have a problem..
    ive had it for about a week, and its been fine but now, when i get a text its started sending them to me like, five times. Also it lets me write a reply to them, but it wont let me send them, i can press the send button but it doesnt do anything,
    anyone else had this problem or know how to solve it? 🙁

    • Same problem getting repeat texts in inbox and won’t send texts out – first thought was that it was a memory issue and its not so seems like its a phone fault

  • Hey, I love my LG cookie except that whenever I turn the phone on it always appears with the touch screen callabriation which can really get annoying.. and from time to time the whole phone reboots its’self and deletes my messages.
    Does anyone else have theese problems and could help me find some solutions?
    Help would be appreciated.

  • BEWARE if you want to use this with hands free bluetooth in a Ford. It constantly connects and reboots. Only way to stop it is to turn off bluetooth, so no hands free! Firmware is the latest – v10c

    • I have had the same experience with Bluetooth in my Mondeo -i.e. phone constantly crashes. I am now not using it at all in the car which is a shame.

      I can receive my e-mails from Freeserve having set up my POP and SMTP settings but sending email doesn’t work. Has anyone else experienced the same thing and know how to fix this please?

  • HI , i have a hard back LG k500 (cookie) case…………..could anyone tell me how to remove it cus it is stuck like hell….. its easy to get on but how in the world do you get it off??

    • don’t use the indent to push open. hold the phone upside down with the camera lens nearest you and use your thumbs EITHER SIDE of the indent to push away – I find it moves much easier

  • i bought my cookie the week before christmas and it to kept turning it self off, i was told by cpw that the battery was low, so idint think anything more, until the 28 day period was up and i couldnt exchange it! it now turns itself off regularly and it is possibly the worst phone i have ever had!!! it is now in cpw to be sent away for repair, they have said it must be sent away 3 times before they replace it, good thing i kept my trusty sony erricsson(even though it is a bit dodgy) DONT BUY ONE!!!!!!

  • u can download ( Opera mini and ebuddy to this phone ) just wanted know if theres an application that i can go straight to my hotmail inbox?

  • Hi ive had the LG cookie for ages now and everything works fine. Ive downloaded some cool games from this website aswell. All the ones which I have downloaded work so try some of them. There also all free!

    By the way does anyone know how to unlock this phone (network unlock). Instructions would be very much appreciated.


  • I was bought a KP500 Cookie for Christmas, and I must admit, it’s one of the most elegant phones you can get for under £100.

    I have had the phone reboot on me a few times, requesting the PIN when you next look at the phone. Thankfully, it seems to have settled down now, and hasn’t done it for quite a while.

    HOWEVER, has any body had the “Blue screen of death” on their Cookie yet? I thought it was only the privilege of PCs to fail so catastrophically but, no, my Cookie did it last week while adding a calendar entry. The phone locks completely, rather like a PC, and battery removal is the only recourse. Re-entry to calendar brings back the blue screen lockout.

    “No, never had any problems” said CPW, and they offered to send it away for repair (ho,ho). So I backed up all the data onto my PC and cleared all my organiser entries, and this did the trick.

    Clearly the software in the phone is a little fragile, but looking at various alternative phones, each has its’ own problems. For the price there is little on the market like the Cookie. I will be keeping mine for the near future.

    Possibly the solution is to treat it more like a tiny little computer and less like a simple telephone.

    Good luck with yours.

  • Hi’ I have had my LG cookie for about 1 week now .The problem with it is that when I put any photo onto the memory card then view them it reboots version c

    • Yes, I’ve had the “blue screen of death” when backing up my contacts to my PC. I think a call came in at the same time and Wham! Complete lock out! Had to take the battery out to reboot.
      Also, check this out – the calculator doesn’t work.
      Try to calculate 220/2.2 the answer should be 100 but mine gives 99.1.

    • hey people… finally worked out how to increase the message tone volume, used to be really quite now very loud 😀

      Go to the main screen then press the volume rocker on the side… turn the ringtone up and the message tone also increases (yes I know it means the call ringtone becomes stupidly loud, but it does increase the message tone!)

      Just thought I would pass it on…

  • OK I have sorted the above, so, in case it helps anyone else…it appears there is a hiccup with old virgin sim cards and the LG cookie. If an old virgin sim is put in then the cookie is unable to save the message centre number(it won’t let you save it by putting the number in manually either). To resolve this I borrowed a newer virgin sim, put that into the handset, saved the message centre number successfully, then put back the old sim…hey presto I can now send texts!

    • Hi,
      I have phoned Virgin Mobile about the “old sim” issue, as I can’t send texts from my LG cookie either.
      They have emailed me instructions which they claim will enable me to set the message centre number manually, but presumably I will hit the same problem you did. I’ll let you know if I’m successful!

      • Hi, i have the same problem as you,with this never ending “waiting” thing, so, i will appreciate it very much, if you help me out here!
        and what’s about this message center stuff? i’m really confused here, and i don’t know what to do..

    • Hi. Thanks very much for the sim card tip. Virgin told me I would need a new sim and would be waiting a day or two for it. This would have been a bit of a nuisance to say the least as the old one would have been canceled immediately. Putting my boyfriends newer sim in and saving message center number worked a treat.

  • Hello. I’ve had an LG Cookie for about a week. So far I like it very much. But there are two annoying thing that I can’t figure out how to change.

    The first is that I don’t seem to be able to change the volume of the message alert tone. Does anyone know how this is done?

    The second is that during a call, the phone locks itself after a few seconds. The consequence of this is that if I’m entering numbers, for example on an automated call centre, I must repeatedly unlock the phone with every prompt. Does anyone know how to change this?


  • Can anyone help? every time i go to send a text it comes up with the message ‘waiting’ and then, eventually, fails

    • I’m having the same problem. Tried allsorts but nothing works! I transfered my sim card to the LG from another mobile, which sends texts fine.

  • My LG Cookie crashes, occasionaly for no apparent reason, all the time when it is connected via Bluetooth to my car radio and I make a call or receive a call whilst on the move.
    I’m on version C of the software I think.

    I called LG today and they advised me to do the following:
    Go to Settings, Screen Settings, Start Up and select the earth.gif as the image (or at least she said the orange background with the globe on it which I assume is the earth.gif one).
    I asked why I needed to do this and was told they had no idea but it seemed to work.
    I also asked for a date for a firmware update but she couldn’t tell me.
    I don’t know whether this will work yet for me or anyone else – mine hasn’t crashed yet but I haven’t been driving around today!
    Just thought I’d post what I’ve been told to do by LG support in case it works for anyone.

  • i bought 1 also from CFW had to take it bak as it wouldnt let me access the internet and switching itself off wen i picture messaged. got another and so far so good bt i do seem to be having a prob putting songs on my phone.wen i try to switch the songs to mp3 it just says cannot find decorder.i must admit its rly quite annoying.could som1 plz point me in the right direction.

  • I have just taken my LG back to CPW today after a frustrating week, losing my temper with them and only agreeing to relace the handset for the 3RD time!!!! I too went on Consumer Direct, fabulous government body, advised perfectly, went into store and quoted this, got immediate refund. Man next to me was about to buy one and I told him not to bother!!!!

    My faults were not getting texts and turning itself off and losing my messages. Not up to LG’s usual standard.

    Don’t stand for any nonsense with carphone, quote the legal and your rights, they will soon back down. Check out consumer website if still having problems.

  • i love this phone it is the best ever phone ive ad i just wanna no how to download wallpapers and

  • I bought the LG KP500 a week ago and though it was simple to use. The only thing i really hope it will do is to open up more types of file other than DOC, PPT, PDF,& XSL. Since I do not know much about PDA phones, i was told that it can open files which is on PDA format. However it appear that most of my files were unsupported and the browser cannot open every pages and i really hope someone can let me other alternatives to open my file.

  • Re: Jim
    I too have had problems trying to sync my phone to my computer. I can connect and put music on it, and I can download pictures. But when I try to go through pc sync the wizzard claims failed to connect. One note for you all if you want to download pictures you can change formats by simply putting the picture in MS Paint and when you go to save the picture choose jpg from the selection box

  • I got an LG cookie today, anytime i try to send a text it just goes to the outbox with writing that says waiting for really long while. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix them, the phone is recieving good signal and being sent to phones with good signal so it should not take this long to send. Any help much appreciated

  • Re: vikki P | January 3, 2009 12:03 PM

    “…after i synced my phone with my laptop and downloaded my songs from windows media player(vista) i tied to play them on my phone and it keeps saying “this is unsupported file type” and wont let me delete them it just keeps saying failed”

    I bought one of these phones for my daughter, specifically to have a phone with MP3 capability.
    I’ve spent hours trying to get music from the “suite” to the phone, only to find the same problem as vikki. Also, when I try and convert the music files it just freezes the computer or says “cannot find correct decoder”. Phoned help desk but wasn’t connected to computer at the time. Re; deleting music – was told to re-format external memory. Did this, but now my daughter says all her text messages have vanished!
    Not sure how much more time I can spend on trying to sort this. Any help appreciated – or confirmation that the software is terminally duff appreciated too.


  • Got this phone on January 2nd and so far only problem is battery life. It is awful, and you are lucky to get a day a half out of it with minimal usage. Apart from that it is a good phone, although camera has to be used in good light due to lack of a flash/light. Well worth the £95 i paid for it. If anyone has any info they can give to me regarding whether i can get a replacement battery that has more life, please comment!

    • I too had a similar problem until I found a solution to it. I had been to a mobile shop and just happened to tell my problem. He asked me to discharge it fully and charge it fully for atleast 8 hrs for the next 5-6 charges. I did the same and now it gives me 4 days of battery backup. Ofcourse if u play games on it, the battery won’t last for more than a day.

  • This is an update to my Dec 15th post

    I was able to get a refund on the Cookie from the CFW, but not without countless problems. I had to resort to contacting a number of governing bodies to get the right info to produce to the CFW for that refund. Took 4 trips to a CFW store speaking with a various store managers who did not want to help at all, and most of which shrugged their shoulders when I asked for assistance.

    I spoke twice with LG who varified there is a problem with software. All they can say is take the handset back to where you got it from.

    For those who require a refund, and be carefull as the CFW do insist that THEY are obligated by governing rules to not give refunds and in some cases not to give a replacement (check the small print on the CFW receipt). However, this is the CFW’s own rules and not those actually set by the goverment.

    If any problems, contact your local department of trading standards. Also, I found it worked more in my favour when I contacted the the head office of the CFW in London, making a complaint. They will tell you that you are entitled to a replacement or refund. Tell them what you want, and they will attach a note to your details that are kept on the CFW computors, telling what ever store you go into that you require a replacement/refund.

    Also, the CFW are under law to give refunds ubder the 1979 sales of goods act, if said tem is sold to you in a state not fit for the purpose it was made for.

    Hope this info is of any help to those who have purchased this handset and experiencing troubles at a later date.

    One other snag with the CFW. When you buy a handset on PAYG from them, they sell it with a sim card/credit. The sim card, even if not used is non refundable, but if you take the faulty phone back, they expect EVERYTHING back, including the simcard and WITHOUT any refund given on simcard – just a word of warning.

    Thankfully I saved up and purchased a iphone 3G.

  • hi tryin to connect my lg cookie to my computer but it keeps saying failed why is this. do u know
    can u halp me pllllzzzz

  • Hi got my cookie in nov within 2 weeks was on my second and now its started turning off again but dwhen it comes back on its lost all my settings and i have to save them all again. going back again but not holding my breath they cpw will do a lot judging by what others have put.

  • How do you find out which version (B or C) of the software?

    I download songs (in .mp3 format) from my PC to my phone and it plays fine. I used the usb cable provided with the boxset and install the LG PC Suite II (the small disc comes with the boxset). The LG PC Suite allows you to exchange files and back up your phone. In addition, with the USB cable, when plugged in, you have the option to choose ‘Mass Storage’, so your phone just acts as a pen drive or removable disk, and you can add or delete files easily. Great for drag-and-drop for musics and picture (make sure the files is less than 1MB for picture).

    If you go to LG website and register yourself and your phone, you get points. In exchange, you can use the points to download songs, wallpapers and games. But I haven’t tried to download yet. I will let update once I have tried it.

    Hopefully this comments are helpful 😉

  • Purchased two of these one for me & one for the wife, we’re both on our second phones. My phone would not hold it’s charge and it got very hot. My wife’s had an awful buzzing from the ear piece. CPW – not very helpful, didn’t really give a damn. I’ll see how my replacement goes (still not holding a good charge, about 36 hours with minimal use) Going back to a Sony!!

  • just been readin the reviews. sounds like a dodgy phone but ive just paid for it and have not recieved it yet ( gotta pick it up on tues) i betta keep the reciept in a safe place!1

  • i got my phone for christmas asn so far it has been working fine although it has crashed once :/

    but the problem with it that really bothers me is that after i synced my phone with my laptop and downloaded my songs from windows media player(vista) i tied to play them on my phone and it keeps saying “this is unsupported file type” and wont let me delete them it just keeps saying failed ,and as th phone was a present i dont have the rceipt and cant return it.

    PLEASE someone help me!

  • Oh dear, I was reading comments up there and someone said their phone’s software version ends in a C. Mine endss with a B. CRAP! And i only got mine today after ordering it off the Carphone Warehouse site. =|

  • i got this phone for christmas, i think my phone has a knckered battery or somethin.
    i go to bed with a full battery, then when i wake up the phone is dead and deletes all of my messages etc.
    if anyone has any ideas please get back to me


  • I got one on christmas day and had to return to cfw on boxing day…i have a replacement a week later and so far no problems. i do like the phone and its a brilliant entry level touch screen mobile.
    fingers crossed this will work ok and i’ll have no more problems.
    CFW aint very helpful and if a phone dont work they should be obliged to refund or replace…

  • Bought this for a christmas present lasted until 27th dec..turned off and never come back on.. they can have it back.. seems like a lot of problems for a lot of money!!

  • erm i cant find any apps or games unless you go to the official site. they send you a txt with a link to the download page, but when i open it my phone crashes. grrr.

  • Hey.
    Got this phone yesterday. Its GREAT for the price. The camera is good-its the best one i’ve had so far-the sound quality is good. It has everything you need on it. I’m getting a memory card soon, as i’ve already filled it up with music and photo’s.
    Its easy to text using the qwerty keyboard.
    Plus, having two desktops is great.

    Havn’t had any crashes or problems so far–
    my phones software version ends in a C. Most phones with problems’ version ends in a B, meaning LG have updated the phone and got rid of most bugs.


    Love my phone. <3

    From, Kitty.

  • Hello,
    i have just recieved the lg cookie for christmas it is really good andd yeah it does reboot mbut everything on my laptop has stayed there with it rebooting. i justt wannt some new apps for itt anyy help ?

    many thanks vivan

  • I have bought a LG Cookie i thought so far so good then when disconnecting from internet it reboots and all my ringtones and saved tones 2 contacts had 2 be put it again, it has also started crashing 4 no reason which is getting on my nerves so im going to take it back wonder what the CPW will say or do!!

  • I posted above this is the 2nd “LG KP-500″(Cookie) Ive had an guess what… Its going back again but this time I’m not getting another LG this 1 is now switching itself off when i go to text or calendar or just about anything or randomly turns off in my pocket so annoying i contacted lg customer support an they said there aware of this flaw in the phone an thing it’s firmware related but there wont be an update on firmware until middle of next year as there working on it just now i cant have a phone that don’t work when i need it to. sorry for the moans but just making people aware of my problems would recommend this phone but not until theirs new firmware for it . I don’t mean to put anyone off this phone but think carefully before going out an wasting £100 on a phone that turns off randomly hope this makes people think twice about the LG Cookie


  • I purchased the ‘Cookie’ last week from the CFW, but with 24 hours the software started to play up. The phone keeps rebooting itself and turning itself on and off. I spoke with LG who confirmed it was a software fault, saying to return it to the CFW. Now the 2nd problem has begun as the CFW are refusing to 1/ exchange it for another handset, 2/ refund me and 3/ to even take it away for repair. Now I am left with £100 of faulty phone. I have reported the CFW to Trading Standards and BBC ‘Watchdog’.

  • My 15 yr old daughter purchased lg kp500 on sunday 7th dec.
    Today 11th dec, she cant do anything with it, turns it on and all she gets is the lg logo screen. she paid £117 pound that was with £20 top up on orange. the poor girl is so upset that she has spent her birthday money on something that has only lasted 4 days.

    • Sorry to hear that, Bev. We didn’t have any such problems on our review model. Have you called up customer support at Orange? It might be as easy as replacing the handset.

  • I just picked up the LG KP500 yesterday, probably the best phone Ive ever had, especially at £97.50 from Carphonewarehouse.

    I asked CPW if there had been any returns or reported faults, None! despite some feedback sites reporting some faults.

    Windows Vista – PC Sync problems
    One thing that is important if your syncing the KP500 with your PC and its running Windows Vista
    When loading the LG PC Suite Software, you might find the setup wizard disappears, after you select your language.

    To locate the the setup wizard, click on your windows button (the button with windows icon on it) it will bring up the task bar at the bottom of you screen and you can highlight and bring back the setup screen.

    Next, (This took some figuring out!!!) you may also find that the PC and LG Suite cannot find your LG500. Follow the instructions to set up the PC Sync from the manual, but crucially, when selecting the USB Connection Mode, you must select the bottom option “Always Ask” this then
    allows the LG KP500 to be recognised by your PC
    and the LG Software Suite.

    Windows will detect the phone and bring up a software management options, so you can “drag & drop” from/to the phone or you can use the LG PC interface.

    thats the only problem I had, and I think its Vista related! Otherwise, a fantastic phone!
    excellent price! LG have done very well

  • i have used this phone for little over 1 week now im on my 2nd which i changed yesterday as it crashed an switched of on me 4 times over a few days of useing it so “CFW” exchanged the fone there returns policy is poor so hopefully no more problems with this one but i find the phone really good easy and simple to use an with the “qwerty” keyboard built into screen it makes txting so much easier would be so much better if there was more applications an games availible for it but they might come in time like steve said if your going to buy this then maybe wait a month or 2 until it becomes more popular an hopefully lg will look into fixing some of the annoying bugs on it an maybe even do some sort of software update for it
    would reccomend the phone to anyone who wants a touch screen phone but doesnt want to pay alot “CFW” do this for £99.95 (when bought with £10 top up) but tell them you want it as an upgrade from o2 (as all there phones except orange are unlocked) an you can get the phone for £99.95 great deal hope this is helpfull for the people who are not sure about this phone

  • Btw just to let you know, i bought it as pay as you go but stuck my contract sim in it! as i sed, t mobile being silly!

    Spoke to the guys in CPW and according to the one in my town, all their phones are unlocked to all networks. So if you want to stick a different sim in, just buy the phone with watever network sells it for the cheapest, then swap sims after spending the money you got on the sim in the phone (buy games or sumthing)

    I couldnt find this phone in Phones 4 You, and they said I wouldnt find the LG cookie in CPW for under £200, unlocked, pay as you go….Seems to me P4Y need to do sum market research…

    • Thanks for the info Steve – very useful. I appreciate it enormously, because I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on one of these yet myself.

      In a couple of weeks, drop by again and let us know what you think having used it for a little longer, too. I find that that’s when the annoyances really start to show up.

  • I got this phone last week (15/11/08). £110, which included £10 on a T-mobile sim, so the phone was really only £100.

    Its fun and simple to use. Its not the best in the market, but its not too expensive either. You can find the specs of the phone online. You can probabily get phones for the same price with better cameras (or other features). Saying that, all the little bits you get add up.

    You will need to calibrate the screen very accurately mind you. You can either text using a normal phone set up (pressing 1 three times to achieve “c”) or simple tilt the screen on its side for a “qwerty” keyboard. If you have slightly large fingers and havent set up the touch screen correctly, then you might struggle. Saying that, do it properly and its fine.

    The phone has crashed on me a few times. This happened when i clicked a hyperlink in a text message. It would try and connect to the internet and crash. To get past this I simply opened the internet first, then used the “multi application” button, opened texts and then clicked the link and it was fine.

    The camera does not have a flash, but the pictures seem ok with the correctly amount of light. I haven’t had enough time to test all conditions.

    I am struggling to find applications to install on it as well, probabily because its new. With only around 40mb (mebe 50mb) internal storage, I am not sure how much you will be able to store before its full. It does have a “micro SD” slot so you can increase the space you have.

    The manual I got wasnt very helpful, but then again it didnt need to be because it was easy for me to use (last phone was the LG shine, previously used nokias and samsung).

    You can add your speed dials to your “desktop” (if you can call it that, just the first thing you see when you unlock and look at your fone). It failed to inform me that you have two “desktops”, one for applications (like games or time and notes), then the 2nd purely for speed dials. To get to the 2nd, you need to touch the screen and slide you finger horizontally across the screen.

    The games are fun, simply because you can use the motion sencor to play. So to play snakes & ladders, i pick up the dice, gentally shake my screen to roll, then gentally flick it to let go of the dice.

    I cannot think of much else for now. I will probabily find faults further down the line, you always will. Like it doesnt have voice activated calling for if you have a bluetooth device in your car…

    My rating as a phone is 7.5 / 10 , as you will find some things missing which might annoy you, or not up to the standard your used to. Generally has everything a modern phone should have.

    I hope this helps. To be honest, I would (if you can) wait a month or two before buying, see if there are any major software problems (like i explained above with the crashing). Let other people, like me, get annoyed first with software problems! LG will sort it then you will have no problems. Only reason I got it so soon was because of T-mobile being silly with me and I despriatly needed a new phone (thts another story)!

  • does anyone actually have this phone coz i want to buy one buhh there are NO reviews !!
    please post some (:

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