Prototype power shoes from NTT – generate electricity everywhere you go

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I think I made jokes about power dressing the last time I looked at clothing which harnessed energy for your gadgets, so I’ll just stick to how ridiculous these electricity-generating shoes look instead.

It may be in the future that you won’t have to rock this prototype kit from Japanese telecommunications giant NTT with the orthopaedic sandal look but right now I’m seeing a world of inconvenience and broken toes.

Style aside, though, the results are actually really impressive. These power shoes generate 1.2W which is enough to charge an iPod so long as you keep walking. Forever. Still, it makes a change from the old exercise bike routine.

But these clogs could be a lot comfier than they look. The soles are water cushioned and every time your weight goes down, it squishes the liquid around and through mini-turbines that generate the electricity. Very clever stuff.

NTT is looking to get the output up to 3W in the future and perhaps add some kind of storage device as well, although I’d recommend trying to get it into something people might actually wear before taking things much further. Something in a crepe sole or Cuban heel might be nice.

(via Mark’s Tech News)

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  • I love the idea. Give me a pair and ill wear them. I dont care how ugly they look

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