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Samsung_I7110_2.jpgSamsung has unveiled the I7110 – a new phone that is more than capable of squaring off with the high-end Nokia N-series. It even runs the same Symbian s60 operating system as the N-series.

A lot of the features are pretty much par for the course on these sort of phones – 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, bluetooth 2.0, MP3 player, GPS, FM radio, etc, but the I7110 does have a few interesting enhancements that sets it apart.

There’s built-in support for geotagging photos using the GPS, something that Nokia has only been doing with its most recent firmware, and interestingly, the video player on the phone will natively play back videos in the DivX format, which should please users who are concerned about space issues or not concerned about intellectual property rights.

Also interesting is video recording – of course it can do that, but if you’re prepared to go down to QVGA (320×240) resolution rather than the standard VGA (640×480), you can record at 120 frames per second.

It also has legacy support for a number of older technologies, including “phone calls”.

Of course, when talking about phones that can do everything though, the most important thing to worry about is battery life. Samsung claims that you can squeeze 11 hours of talk-time out of this, or leave it on standby for over 2 weeks. Pretty good.

I like the look of this phone because it seems to do everything my N95 can do but with one crucial difference: It’s a candybar phone, so it doesn’t have the world’s loosest slider on it opening in my pocket and ringing people accidentally.

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