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On Wednesday Tech Digest has been cordially invited to an Apple event called “The spotlight turns to notebooks”. There have been plenty of rumours swirling around regarding a cheap, netbook-y, Macbook arriving, but over the weekend a few more details surfaced about what we’re likely to see.

Firstly, it’s now pretty much given that Apple is going to dump Intel’s integrated graphics chipsets in favour of NVidia’s MCP79 platform. Don’t worry – I’m not expecting you to know what that is off the top of your head. Basically, the NVidia chipset is smaller, faster and more versatile than Intel’s integrated graphics chips.

Secondly, loads more shots have surfaced of the keyplate of the new models – the bit of metal on a laptop that goes around the keyboard. One of them, with a photoshopped keyboard and trackpad added, adorns this post. Looking at the size of the USB ports and the CD slot, it does indeed look like the new Mac will be much smaller – perhaps a 13″ model.

Thirdly, Digg founder Kevin Rose has been dropping hints that the new Macbooks will come with support for Blu-ray. This would be a first for Apple, who is a member of the Blu-ray disc association, but doesn’t officially support the format yet.

Lastly, it’s looking possible that Apple will drop its much-loved Firewire connection on the new Macbooks. Firewire is used mostly for older digital video cameras, but was also used in early iPod models for transferring data, due to its speed advantage over USB. In recent times, however, Firewire has fallen from favour because USB is cheaper and more ubiquitous. iPods no longer come with Firewire cables, and judging by case shots, neither do the new Macbooks.

On all these subjects, we’ll find out the details on Wednesday at 12.30pm. Stay tuned, and you’ll be the first to know.

Apple UK (via AppleInsider and Boy Genius Report)

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One thought on “ROUNDUP: New Apple Macbook rumours

  • Depending on how you use your Mac, lack of FireWire can be quite a problem. It makes it difficult to have an external hard drive to boot from (can’t do so from a USB drive), and there’s plenty of equipment around that does still use FireWire.

    I am still of the opinion that FW is better, with the latest specifications far more advanced than USB. Unfortunately, though, as you say, it’s about cost and ubiquity. Even where FW does exist, it’s often the slower 400Mbps port, which is why it then gets slated in favour of the supposedly faster USB 2.0.

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