Orange offers free broadband for business customers

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orangelogo.jpgWhat is this with free broadband to businessmen, woman and cats? First BT gets Peter Jones to wave his dongle in our collective face and now Orange adds insult to injury by offering free broadband to small business customers who opt for the Orange Solo mobile phone packages.

Mercifully, Orange already offers some kind of free broadband to consumers of the same eight meg speed and actually I’m beginning to wonder if this latest announcement makes any difference or is simply there as a way of shouting against BT’s offer of free mobile broadband to BT Business Broadband customers?

Either way, neither deal is exactly free. Orange costs you a £30 minimum for the Solo package and BT Business Broadband involves a 24-month contract with £26.99 payments every lunar cycle.

There we go, I’m not actually too bothered any more. I could do with some free mobile broadband with my home broadband but not too sure about any 24-month contracts.

Orange & BT

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