SFW: Teen mobile nudewave strikes America

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shocking-text.JPGEarlier this month, a 15-year-old girl was arrested in Ohio for sending nude pictures of herself to friends via her mobile phone. After a local prosecutor visited the school to talk about the dangers of sending nude photos of minors around, the girl stuck two fingers up to authority and snapped some photos of herself, then sent them to friends.

Under Ohio law, if prosecuted, the girl could have been forced to register as a sexual offender annually for ten years, but she reached a deal with prosecutors to resolve the case which won’t involve that. The law in question bans the posession of material that shows a minor in a state of nudity.

The case isn’t unique. A 14-year-old girl in Michigan e-mailed a photo to friends that showed her naughty bits, and those friends forwarded it to a couple of other friends, and they forwarded it on again, and before long, at least two hundred people had seen it. Police confiscated about a dozen phones with the image on, and they won’t be given back. The owners might be charged with owning child pornography, and may have to register as sex offenders.

Similar cases have since popped up in New Jersey, New York, Alabama, Utah, Pennsylvania, Texas and Connecticut. It’s clear that this is spreading fast and given how much teens like to rebel, I wouldn’t be surprised if greater crackdown by the authorities just leads to more mobile teen porn.

(via Wired)

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One thought on “SFW: Teen mobile nudewave strikes America

  • This is just one more example of Big Government gone bad. They threatened to Register this girl as a SEX OFFENDER because she was sending pictures of HERSELF!?

    Why don’t they go the next step and arrest her for POSSESSING Naked Pictures of Herself??? Afterall, the law bans the possession of material that shows a minor in a state of nudity.

    Oh YES! And those pictures you took of your baby in the tub? Well, he was naked, so now YOU are a SEX OFFENDER! YOU ARE TO BE SENTENCED TO NO LESS THAN 1 Year in Jail, AND A LIFETIME OF PROBATION AND STIGMATIZATION BY EVERY EMPLOYER, POLICE OFFICER, CHURCH ORGANIZATION, SCHOOL, and anyone else who does a background check on you.

    Oh yes, and did we mention that you won’t be able to work in Retail, Finance, Education, Government, and THOUSANDS of other jobs?

    DEAL WITH IT. Because you CHOSE to take those pictures of yourself, or receive them from your friend, or of your baby while he was in the bath and that makes YOU a SEXUAL PREDATOR.


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