Gaming as Art: The Unfinished Swan

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The Unfinished Swan is a forthcoming indie game / tech demo, made in XNA by a chap called Ian Dallas. It’s set in a completely white world, and you’re equipped with splats of black paint which you use to view the area around you. The goal is to find your way to the exit.

If you’re able to, then be sure to watch this with sound. The “pop… splat!” sounds are a little silly, but the atmospheric music is damn creepy, and even in the brief two minutes of the video above there are certainly creepy moments of tension.

The Unfinished Swan team doesn’t have a release date for the game yet, but they hope to have a near-finished version by March 2009. They’re looking for a graphics + physics programmer, so if that sounds like your cup of tea then visit their site.

The Unfinished Swan (via RockPaperShotgun)

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  • Don’t you just love it when a game comes along that really challenges your idea of what gaming is all about?

    This game looks wonderfully simple and really playable and addictive.

    Love the spooky music.

    • Great, isn’t it? My favourite bit is where it suddenly goes to the outside. It’s so simple, yet so pretty…

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