Gaming as Art – Tag: The Power of Paint

Click play on the video above. You’re watching a walkthrough of an innovative indie game called Tag: The Power of Paint, developed by a group of students from the DigiPen Institute of Technology.

It’s a first-person platformer where you spray your surroundings with different coloured paint to progress. Green paint makes you jump, red paint makes you go faster, and blue paint allows you to climb walls. It’s all cel-shaded, and looks like a wonderful cross between Mirror’s Edge and The Unfinished Swan.

It’s a free 55MB download from here (via Game:Life).

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A lick of paint could stop Wi-Fi leeching neighbours


Home decoration and technology doesn’t usually sit well together, but here’s an idea from boffins at the University of Tokyo who have come up with an aluminium-iron oxide paint that can absorb the electromagnetic waves at frequencies typically used by Wi-Fi.

In other words, painting your walls with this stuff could stop your wireless signal from leaking into neighbouring houses.

Interesting concept, but surely it would be much simpler to install some basic security on the wireless router?…