TUMBLR OF THE DAY: Jim'll Paint it – Surreal MS Paint pictures, by request

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“You name it, I’ll paint it. On paint”.

That’s the strapline to the Jim’ll Paint It tumblr blog, the one thing that’s keeping this tired Tech Digest hack chuckling through to the weekend. It’s bloody amazing.

It’s a simple premise – come up with as mad an idea for a picture as you can, and Jim’ll turn it into a top-notch, often hilarious Microsoft Paint picture.

“I am here to make your wildest dreams a reality using nothing but Microsoft Paint (no tablets, no touch ups),” says Jim.

“Ask me to paint anything you wish and I will try no matter how specific or surreal your demands. While there aren’t enough hours in the day to physically paint every suggestion I will consider them all. Bonus points for originality and humour. Use your imagination!”

Check it out at http://jimllpaintit.tumblr.com/ for some Friday fun. Our favourites, along with the requests that inspired them, can be found below.

Gerald Lynch
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