BMW key fob to double as your credit card

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bmw-car-key-credit-card.jpgOkay, we’ve seen Oyster cards on your mobile, car keys on your mobile, and barcode scanners on your mobile. BMW is taking the mobile out of the equation, however, and putting credit card functionality on your car keys. Experimental fob technology will allow you to pay for cheap items with just a swipe of your keys, like a Paywave card.

It wouldn’t be a massive stretch of the imagination to include Oyster card functionality on this, which would mean one less thing to pick up in the morning for thousands of Londoners. Then again, if you’re taking the tube to work, why would you take your car keys?

Smart Car Key (via CrunchGear)

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Duncan Geere
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  • Nice idea, so when they nick your card, they get a free car too! Really! You just know some plank will be waving his around in the local round the corner from your office in 6 months time!

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