Bioshock 2 teaser trailer surfaces


Many who played and completed 2K’s undersea epic Bioshock felt the ending lacked something. Well, it turns out that the year-long delay on the PS3 version of the floaty first-person adventure game was worth something – when you complete it, it unlocks a teaser trailer for Bioshock 2.

Without resorting to spoilers, the ending of Bioshock was left fairly wide open, depending on whether you harvested the ADAM from the little sisters. The lady in the video above is almost certainly one of them, but it remains to be seen how 2K might bring about a second game from the ending of the first.

Looking forward to it? I am. Let us know in the comments what you reckon Bioshock 2 might include, but watch the spoilers, yeah?

Bioshock Trailer (via Xboxer)

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Duncan Geere
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