Ghostbusters game to come from Atari next year – so says Dan Aykroyd


ghostbusters.jpgDan Aykroyd has brought the news to the world this morning that Atari will be bringing a Ghostbusters game out within a year.

After some serious time in the Activision Vivendi doldrums, the franchise of games barely seen since the early nineties is now free and wild once again and able to slime our screens in whatever format it decides to appear.

The actor/writer didn’t so much let the cat our of the bag as the ghost out of the storage facility when he mentioned it live on air on Dallas radio station 105.5 KLLI this morning.

There’s probably some “Who you gonna call” gag here but I’m going to pretend that I’m above it rather than admit that I couldn’t think of one.

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    • I know the original Activision licence was expected but it’s what Dan said and I don’t even think there’s any confirmation on the format yet. I read somewhere the PSP was the top contender but I’ve seen nothing concrete.

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