40MBit/s fibre for London and Wales from BT


fiberoptics.jpgDo you live in Muswell Hill, London or Whitchurch, Cardiff? If so, you’ll be pleased as punch to hear that you’re soon going to be offered 40MBit/s broadband from BT. Of course, by “soon”, I actually mean “they’re going to send the engineers in soon”, so you won’t get your hands on it till early 2010 at the earliest. In the meantime, there’s always Virgin Media

BT will be rolling out fibre-optic cable to roadside cabinets that cover 15,000 premises, starting next summer. The announcement follows BT’s promise to invest loads o’ dosh in their fibreoptic network. A national rollout of the tech would apparently cost £5.1 billion, but BT have pledged just £1.5 billion so far, until Ofcom gives them more control over pricing.

(via the Register)

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Duncan Geere
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  • No, there is not Virgin Media! Phorm aside, I would rather inject bleach into my eyeballs than go back to them or recommend them to my worst enemy. Nothing like charging you twice the the rate of ADSL for half the speed! I will happily take the slightly limited ADSL rates for the time being, knowing I will not be ripped off and I will wait for BT to upgrade the ADSL network, then jump on an ISP who will charge wholesale rates and no Phorm!

    • If I’m honest, I agree with you. After a horrible experience with NTL broadband, who still seem to think I owe them money, I’ve been ADSL-only, and probably always will be. Love your bleach/eyeball sentiments, though!

  • I think you will find that its £5.1 BILLION, and they have comitted to invest £1.5 BILLION so far.

    If it was million, then I dont think there would be such a hoo-ha about the “big roll out”.

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