Wadja wants to save mobile users money by offering free text messages

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wadja.pngNew research by the social network and communication web site Wadja suggests that UK prepay mobile phone users are, collectively, spending over £66m each week on the cost of text messages.

The SMS is very popular in the UK, with 1.4 billion messages sent each week – more than in any other European country. Around half of these are sent from non-contract phones.

Of course, Wadja is keen for users to use their web site to send free SMS and MMS messages. “Wadja is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family while avoiding the steep sms costs inflicted by the mobile phone companies. The UK is one of the most sophisticated mobile markets in the world, but compared to other countries, people are not making the most of mobile social networks,” said Alex Christoforou, Managing Director at Wadja.

A lot of the time it’s much easier to send a text directly from your phone rather than scrabbling about loading up web pages when on the move, particularly if you’re on prepay or not on unlimited 3G data. However, a lot of texts must get sent from home, when there’s access to a PC, so mobile users could save money that way.


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Andy Merrett
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