iPhone to get MMS support?


Well this is a turn-up for the books. It looks like the jesusphone might be getting MMS support after all. Swedish telecoms giant Telia has announced that it’s planning to launch an application for the iPhone that will enable the much-missed feature.

Of course, there are ways to hack the device to enable MMS support, but for those users who are (understandably) a little cautious about hacking something as tightly locked-down as the iPhone, there hasn’t been a solution up until now.

No details have been released on how the application will work, nor how it squares with Apple’s ‘why don’t you just send it by email instead?’ approach. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the application will work outside of Telia’s native market, but nor is it a given, so don’t get all those picture messages queued up in your outbox just yet.

Telia (via IntoMobile)

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O2 puts unprotected MMS pictures on web, Google still caching phone numbers


Over the weekend, it emerged that pages from O2’s MMS-to-web service had been crawled and indexed by Google, raising concerns over the privacy of its customers’ data.

The system sounds innocent enough: if someone is sent an MMS message but their phone (such as an iPhone 3G) is incapable of receiving / displaying them, they are instead directed to a web page where the picture is displayed. This also includes the sender’s mobile phone number and keywords.

Steve Jobs didn't mention MMS for the iPhone 3G, but will it actually support picture messages?


One of the most disappointing aspects about the iPhone 3G announcement was the lack of announcement surrounding MMS, or picture-messaging for acronym haterz. How could Jobs forget such an important feature? When crummy old Motorolas can send photos, it’s surprising the iPhone cannot.

Or can it? New details have emerged via an internal email at American carrier AT&T regarding a service that sounds distinctly like MMS. Users will be able to attach several images, plus an audio file and video to a normal SMS. Kind of like…oh wait, is it…an MMS?…

Brits not bored of SMS or MMS, and mobile Internet is taking off: research

mobile_phone_heart_love.jpgThe Mobile Data Association’s “state of the nation” report into how Brits are using mobile data suggests that — surprise, surprise — we’re not bored of texting or sending picture messaging. Mobile Internet is increasing in popularity, too.

During the whole of 2007, nearly 57 billion text messages were sent, along with half-a-billion picture messages. There were nearly 18 million mobile Internet users; around 23% of all mobile users in the UK.

On New Year’s Eve, 290 million text messages were sent — 30% up on NYE 2006 — while nearly two million video and picture messages were sent.

MMS-witness: citizens can text in pics of criminals

mmswitness.jpgWaleli, a wireless innovations company, has developed a new system called MMS-witness that allows anyone with a camera on their mobile phone to assist in fighting crime.

It allows the police to easily accept pictures and movies taken by members of the public using mobile phones, and is supposed to increase the chances of a successful arrest by then sending relevant images back to police officers in the locality.