iPod Nano fourth generation dimensions released

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nano4g.jpgThere have been several blurry shots of the new iPod nano floating around the intertubes over the last month and, in a break from rumour tradition, it turns out that they’re all spot-on accurate.

Product spec sheets have been leaked, and they show a very thin Nano (as opposed to the previous wide model) with a long screen, much like Microsoft’s 8GB Zune. Images seen on the internet had an unmistakably curvy quality, and there were fears that the screen would be curved to match, but it looks like those fears are unfounded – the screen is as flat as ever.


There are also images of a refreshed iPod Touch, which features volume controls and a slightly thicker body – possibly due to a new battery. Increases in the height and thickness match the iPhone upgrade, as do tapered edges in an attempt to offset these increases.

As previously mentioned, we’ll know more on Tuesday, when there’s a press conference scheduled.

iPod Nano (via iLounge)

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