Will Wright's Spore goes gold

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spore-wallpaper.jpgMaxis and EA have announced the Spore has gone gold. Spore is best described as a simulator of a whole Universe, and is the latest PC and Mac game by Will Wright – creator of The Sims. Players create a species and then nurture it from the molecular level, through basic and advanced civilization, and eventually colonize the stars.

To say the game is long-awaited would be an understatement. Earlier this year, the developers released just the creature creator to a rabid audience of both hardcore and casual gamers, so that when the game launched there would be creatures populating the Universe that hadn’t been randomly generated – they’d been made by real people.

Within hours, the first penises had appeared, but in the days and weeks that followed all manner of “sporenography” showed up, as well as some amazingly creations like Bowser, a Big Daddy (from Bioshock) and even an Xbox 360 controller! In fact on the first day it was available, two creations were uploaded to the official website every second!

EA and Maxis are nearly ready to release the full game. It’s gone gold – a term meaning that a “master” gold disc has been delivered to manufacturing, and the copies that will be sold can be pressed from this master disc. It basically means that the game is completely finished and ready to play.

Now for the release date – it’ll be out on Friday September 5th in Europe, and then on Sunday 7th September in North America. Nice that we’re getting something first for a change! There’s also a DS version, called Spore Creatures, and a mobile phone version called Spore Origins. Both of those are out on September 7th, too.

Have you made any mad creations in the Spore character creator? Let us know in the comments.

(via Macworld)

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  • I used to play Spore until my mom hid the disc from me and uninstalled the game. It is 100% awesome!!

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