Research claims violent video games are good for you


Research from US and Israeli scientists indicates that playing violent video games might be good for your eyes. The researchers asked two groups of non-gamers to play Call of Duty and The Sims, and then tested their vision.

Turns out that contrast sensitivity increased 43% in the group playing Call of Duty, whereas it only increased 11% in the people playing The Sims. The researchers think this may be because Call of Duty is a little more fast-moving than Maxis’ hit game.

As an avid gamer who had his first eye test over the weekend, I’m not convinced. As a gamer who gets occasionally nagged to play less ‘shooty-loud’ games, I’ve now got an excuse. Guess science is good for something.

(via Metro)

Relive 2003 with the SimCity Box, containing five games


If it weren’t for the assorted Sims games, my formative years would’ve been very lonely indeed. That’s why I’m so excited at the news that EA has announced the SimCity Box.

Containing five games from the SimCity range, there’s SimCity Societies, SimCity Societies Destinations, SimCity 4, SimCity 4 Rush House and The Sims Carnival SnapCity, which I must admit I’ve never actually heard of. A steal at $39.99, you’re saving $60 by buying them bundled together, and perhaps it’ll help tide you over until Sims 3 is released next…