Apple reveals gaming plans – Monkey Ball and Spore spearheading iPhone games push

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Shown off last night at the iPhone SDK unveiling, here’s a look at SEGA’s legendary Monkey Ball running on iPhone. And running really bloody well by the looks of it.

Monkey Ball uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect movements, so, just like in the Wii version, you’ll be able to steer your little monkey around by moving your hands from side to side, no button pressing or screen-smearing required.


Apple and EA also showed off a decent-looking version of long-awaited life/universe simulator Spore running, incredibly, on iPhone – then announced it’ll be on sale this September alongside the PC and Mac versions. Crikey.

Those rumours about Apple embracing the gaming world were spot on – we just didn’t think iPhone would be main the focus of its efforts. Does this mean we now have to refer to iPhone as the “Nintendo DS killer?”

(Picture via Gizmodo)

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