A wide-angle lens for iPhone that makes pretty much zero difference


If you’re that into photography you know about wide angle lenses and are bothered about the width of the angles of your shots, chances are you’re carrying something around with you that’s a little bit better at taking photographs than an iPhone.

But let’s put that paradox to one side for a moment and talk gadgets. This gadget. A wide-angle lens that clips over the top of your iPhone and makes your angles wider by fiddling about with the light as it enters your iPhone’s camera.

The makers of it have very kindly put together a before and after shot illustrating the kind of difference it’ll make.


Not a particularly stunning difference or that much of a difference at all, to be honest. You could achieve the same effect by leaning back a bit. But then it only costs $11.99 and is just a little bit of plastic. What were you expecting?

(Via Red Ferret)

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Gary Cutlack
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