Salubrion Enso Clock: meditative timepiece


Salubrion_Enso_Clock.jpgThe Salubrion Enso Clock could be great for anyone who finds time to meditate or practice yoga, though I expect it could also be used in any situation where you want to time something on an alarm without being blasted by some horrible synthetic beeping sound.

This digital clock and timer uses soothing chimes that are supposed to sound authentically like Japanese and Tibetan rice bowls, which should bring you around gently if you’ve been on another planet rather than making you hit the ceiling.

Apparently, Enso means circle in Japanese, and symbolises enlightenment, elegance, and the universe. Traditionally, the symbol is painted with a single clockwise brushstroke, beginning and ending at the bottom, and the digital clock simulates this with an Enso that surrounds the screen and is gradually brushed on-screen as the timer progresses. Instead of using minutes and seconds, it gives a visual indication of how much time has passed.

The clock is finished in satin champagne and features a black rubber coating on its back, and comes with a built-in hinged stand. It runs off two AA batteries.

Currently on sale in the States, it’s available at for $99 (around £50)

(Via Cool Tools)

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